Airmen Lodge - Kerowagi Simbu PNG

Airmen lodge, a local comfortable bed & breakfast accommodation located in the heart of beautiful Kerowagi town.

Quiet, Clean & Safe tranquil surrounding with friendly atmosphere.


  • Breakfast (with unlimited Tea/Coffee).
  • 6 standard Rooms.
  • Comfortable double bed with side table & wardrobe.
  • Common Kitchen with stove, refrigerator, microwave.
  • 3 toilets, 2 Showers, laundry.
  • Computer facility & Café,
  • A round grass-hut relaxing room with TV.
Warm and wonderful local people to look after you.
🙂For bookings:

Contact Serah: 675 - 71948987


Airmen Lodge - Bed & Breakfast setup

Travelling to Kerowagi, Simbu, Papua New Guinea

Instruction on Travelling to Kerowagi:

Flying to Kerowagi:

The nearest Airports to Kerowagi are Mt Hagen, Kundiawa and Goroka. Kundiawa is currently not operating so you can use Goroka or Mt Hagen.

If you are a first time traveller and coming to stay in Kerowagi then please let us know so we can do our best to send someone to meet you.

Driving Instructions to Kerowagi:

Kerowagi town is location 5minutes from Koronigle junction at the main Highlands Highway.

It is a sealed road and you can travel with no issues.

Goroka to Kerowagi:

It takes 1.5 – 2 hours to travel from Goroka to Kerowagi depending on the condition of the Highlands Highway.

Kundiawa to Kerowagi:

It is a 35minutes drive from Kundiawa to Kerowagi.  You travel most of the way on the Highlands Highway and you turn left at Koronigl junction. Drive another 5minutes and you are in Kerowagi town.

If you jump on a bus, the bus-fare is K5.00.

Mingendi to Kerowagi town:

It takes 15mintues to drive from Mingendi to Kerowagi town. Bus fare K2.50.

Barawagi to Kerowagi town:

It takes 7minutes to drive from Barawagi to Kerowagi town. Bus fare K1.50.

Kup to Kerowagi town:

It takes 25minutes to drive from Kup to Kerowagi town. Bus fare is K4.00.

Minj to Kerowagi:

It takes 25-30 minutes to drive from Minj- Jiwaka to Kerowagi town. Bus fare is K5.00.

Banz to Kerowagi:

It takes about 40minutes to travel from Banz Jiwaka to Kerowagi. Bus fare is K7.00.

Mt Hagen to Kerowagi:

It takes about 1hour to drive from Mt Hagen to Kerowagi town. Bus fare is K10.00.

Wabag to Kerowagi:

It takes about 3hours to drive from Wabag to Kerowagi.


Kol – Jimmy District to Kerowagi:

8-12hours walk across the Bismarck range mountain bush track. Road is yet to be built.

Kerowagi to Gembogl – Back road:

Bush track road now widen to a road. 30minutes motorcycle ride or 6 hours walk.

You can always drive to Kundiawa then drive up to Gembogl. This is longer and takes 3hours.



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