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17. Sep, 2020


ARCHIE TARZY - Welcome to Kerowagi. You are a great musician and everyone in Simbu love your music. Fans will love your performance at Kerowagi town show today 17/09/2020.

Wishing you a joyful pleasant stay at Airmen Lodge Kerowagi.

10. Jun, 2016

Airmen Lodge

Airmen Lodge wishes to thank Tony Green and his Athletics teams for spending 3 days in Kerowagi Simbu in May 2016.

We wish you all well in the upcoming PNG Games in Kimbe. Please encourage the competitive sporting spirit in PNG teams.

25. Feb, 2016

Travellers @ Airmen Lodge Kerowagi

A group of 10 Oil Search Ltd employees visited Simbu and Spend 3 nights at Kerowagi Airmen Lodge. A beautiful quite place with warm wonderful people.

25. Feb, 2016

Mt Wilhelm Adventurers

KAC member travelling to Mt Wilhelm and at border "Mondia Pass" Simbu & Madang boarder.

25. Feb, 2016

Knowledge Adventure Club Team

Knowledge Adventure Club members from Oil Search Ltd stayed at Airmen Lodge in Kerowagi in October 2015. The club members were on their way to Mt Wilhelm, the highest mountain in Oceania.

The Club members were: Joshua Mere, John Loftus, Pyaso Yobone, Abigail Havora, Lusanrose Ilai, Kenni Nahum Gima, Alex Goiye, Shane Langdon, Nicholas Koimbu and Smith Ano.

The group donated to the new Mt Wilhelm Gembogl Library and also climbed Mt Wilhelm. A wonderful memorable adventure!!