Carbon Sink - Micro Forestry

Tree growing in Simbu is an ancient tradtion passed on from generations. Tribes in Simbu grow trees regularly to sustain their requirements for fuel and building materials. Trees are planted to improve soil quality and reduce soil erosion. Trees are also planted on ceremonial grounds to mark special events and purposes. Parents and grand parents plant trees for future generations.

When you chop down a tree, you must plant two seedlings for replacement.

Airmen lodge supports tree growing tradition and is now a Carbon Neutral Lodge in PNG.

Whenever you spend a night at Airmen lodge, you are supporting us with our tree growing program and helping us to reduce CO2 emissions in our world.

CO2 Capture to date as of 25/04/2013:

  • 500 trees planted
  • 6500kg of CO2 capture per year already ongoing.
  • Additional program for 149.5tonnes of CO2 yet to go.

Other microforest area currently under consideration.